UV mapping checker pattern to test (fail)

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Doing UV mapping, new at it, but it seems to be almost going great. Got an arm seamed up down the least prominant edge, unwrapped nicely (see picture 1) and now I want to throw a checkered texture on it to test. So I create new material, set to checkerboard (on diffuse, emmissive, anything I can to hopefully have it show up in the editor, but alas nothing will get it to show up in the editor, that's ok that's not really my main problem, would be nice if it showed up in the editor, that's a separate problem, not a big deal for now, I'll just render it, ok) render it, and it fails the test. no good, fragmented (see picture 2). Here's the twist, .... when I put an image instead, it flows perfectly (see picture 3. what's the difference here? Something about the texture / node system that is not working right for this unwrap? but the image does work for it? tips/tricks ? .... Also, would be hugely convenient to show the material/texture/image on the UV editor screen. Would think that is the entire point really ..... what's the trick to that that i'm missing? thanks so much, you folks are splendid.



If you change the "checkerboard" node "sample" from "3D" to "UV1" it will map properly. You will need to up the scale though as a scale of 1.0 is just going to be 4 squares.

Once you get the scale set to something you like, you can bake it into a texture then use the baked image as an image map so you can see it in the viewport.
Pro tip:
when you bake the texture into a map, use a 100% white ambient light so there is no shadows baked into the texture.

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.... Also, would be hugely convenient to show the material/texture/image on the UV editor screen.
It will when you hit the "Edit"-button at the image loader. Due the openGl version Cheetah3d used procedurals can´t be displayed in viewport.

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Pro tip:
when you bake the texture into a map,
How do you do that? seen that function somewhere, I ended up with the 'baking tag' but the results were very wrong (it actually just changed the entire UV wrap??).... the baking tag seems to apply to an object? a little lost ..... It's been suggested that if you 'bake' a texture (like the checker pattern made from the node things) it will show up in the UV editor, 3D view, etc. looking to make that work. Thanks!
1: Start a new scene
2: Create a plane and convert it into a polygon object
3: Create a light and change the type to “ambient”
4: Create a new material and go to the node editor
5: Add node, Textures, Checkerboard and attach the node to diffuse
6: Change the checker node sample type to UV1 and set a scale of 20 on all three axes.
7: Assign the material to the plane
8: Go to the UV editor and select the plane object
9: Set the plane UV’s with the flat UV mapper and size it to the UV window
10: Go back to the 3D View and assign the “Bake Texture” tag to the plane (under the "tag" object menu, looks like a yellow cake)
11: Set the Bake Texture tag settings you would like (e.g. UV1 1024x1024)
12: Bake the texture wit the “Bake Texture” button (it looks like an oven next to the render icons)
13: It should have rendered a checkerboard image in the render manager window
14: Save the rendered image as “checker.jpg”
15: use the new checker.jpg as a diffuse image for any material you would like


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17kB for a 1024x1024 checkerboard.

Or here's a slightly larger (file) but more useful test pattern (since you can tell which way up your texture is).