cursor disappears now and then.(BUG?)


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Hi: Every so often quite often my cursor will go missing.
To get it back I have to switch to my hot corner for my (screen saver) then back it comes.
Cheetah 3D is the only software that has this problem. Started with 7.3.3. Maybe a bug I kind of hope so then it can be fixed.

MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
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:sneaky: I suggest you take your Mac to a medical doctor and have a CAT scan performed. You may discover an entire mausoleum.


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Still have tis problem only with my MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012 not with my older mid 2009 MacBook Pro.
OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 on both just started with C3D 7.3.3.
Bug? Martin?