Where it started for me


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Where it started for me

This is where it started for me.
Mechanisto was a 3D computer graphics program developed in the mid-90s for the PowerPC-based Macintosh platform by Mike Clifton. It was originally released as shareware in 1994, costing $20.


You might be wondering why I am not a more advanced modeler but I spent a lot of years working for my family with very little time for 3D modeling.
Finally now after a hospital stay and retirement I finally have the time to learn and play.
It's just the wife and I now. We have been married for 49 years.
Thanks for listening to my over share.
Hi uncle

Nice to see, and no, it's no overshare.

But don't be too humble. I know of an older guy who started with 3d after retirement, learned the stuff in record time, and then, after a year or so, created tutorials where he showed how it's done, outdoing some professionals who did nothing else for more than 20 years.

So, in my book, nothing holds you back being the coming star modeler :smile: And you have your own style (which can't be said of many modelers).

But the most important thing is, you have your fun. Everything else is not important.

And by the way, this forum wouldn't be the same without you and your findings.

Keep it up.


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Thank you for your kind reply. By the way FYI: Mike Clifton (Mechanisto) is now working for Smithmicro and started MOHO (animeStudio).


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:smile: Hi Unc808
I’ve always been impressed with your C3D creations!
I've been inspired and I’ve learned a lot from your contributions and the questions you asked on the forum.
I hope we don’t loose you because of Apples up coming advancement.

I understand you and your wife have health issues.
Medical help can bleed a person dry . . . and the price of computer products continue to increase.
My heart goes out to both of you.

I can relate - I’m also there.
Also In my case - it’s difficult to keep up with all the new advancements and I’m afraid to step out into the internet.
I'd like to purchase some scripts and contribute to people who have helped me but I’m afraid of Pay Pal and
I'm afraid to twitter or tweet or face book.

I've been saving for quite some time now and hopefully I will have enough to at least purchase a laptop so I can keep up with Apples changes.
(unfortunately I find laptops difficult to maneuver)
My computer now is a basic no frills 2011 desk top.

Hope you can find a way to stay with the C3D family even if it's just to give us a shout now and then.

My Best


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* Thank you, Uncle Bob.
* It is always a great joy :)rolleyes: , not always, but mostly) to "get to know" folks on the internet. By definition, we all start out as anonymous distant 1D avatars who type a few factual statements in some sterile forum. "Nobody on the internet knows you are a dog" :oops:, as a canine cartoonist famously barked.

* As time goes by there are messages to be read "between the lines" and the nebulous Uncle Bob (and Jeanny and Frank and many of the regulars) turn into living humans. Maybe a bit blurred characters, but slightly visible, of flesh and blood, with family, unexpected hobbies, personal problems large or small and the odd pinch of humour.

* In your published collection of caricatures I have never seen a character who was drawn negatively or spiteful. No doubt, some of your characters are bad or even "evil", but none seem beyond redemption. The talent to outline a character with a few minor tweaks to the facial features implies that you have observed you fellow-humans for quite a while, and have observed them without any judgemental superiority.

* Anyway, being a middle aged (the KJV called it "three score and ten" plus a bit) fart myself - at the very peaklet of my limited intellectual powers - I greatly appreciate your postings.