Faint lines in wireframe display.

I get some faint lines in my model when in wireframe display(Main window) that are not there in object properties display wireframe.
What are they?
Why are they there?
How do I get rid of them?
That nGon has five points. If you check their coordinates with the ruler, you'll probably find that they are not perfectly aligned in a single plane. The renderer is trying to smooth them all into a single plane because the angle between them is tiny, but unless the math is very close to perfect, the right angle of light will show the distortion.

I've seen the light lines in views before when a polygon was worked heavily, but you can see those same triangles if you are in polygon mode and attempt to select an ngon that has more than 4 points.
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frank beckmann

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Internally nGons are built from tris and the wireframe mode will display them - normally. I wonder why the other nGons are not showing up their real nature: