Just sketching concept to test composition and lighting. (Rocks and fire are rough and out of proportion).
Using the new filmic option and soft shadows on point light (for fire).
Falcon render.



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:smile: I Love how you composed the Scene:

Lighting (Dusk ?) with soft Shadows emanating through all sides of the Rock fire pit.
The Pine needles have a nice soft look.
The Fire is pleasantly glowing with a scattering of sparks rising upward.
I like the details you include:
you even included a fallen log and the ground is interesting and soft looking.

I love the look and feel you project in this scene.

I would love to be in this scene now - it’s peaceful.

Can’t wait to see the finished project.

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An important part, the lighting, is already working quite well.
The details, geometry and textures, still need improvement.

Looks like you're on a good way, I'd love to see how this proceeds.
The details, geometry and textures, still need improvement.
You are correct.
It was really just a 'sketch' to test out some composition and lighting, which I shared because I liked the 'mood' of it.

I'll need to restart the geometry of the ground/hills, rocks, and logs from scratch to make it work properly.
For example, the ground/hills shown is just a very small portion of a huge relief map (default setting, I think).*
To recreate the same hills with fresh mesh, I'm thinking to apply a greyscale material to the current hills in order to show height, and render orthographic from above (cropping only the portion I need).
Then I can fine-tune the new relief map ... maybe adding a displacement map for some extra detail.

*I did this huge relief map, then start looking around for some 'hills' I thought would work well :)
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Terrain water erosion

Does anyone know of a way to apply erosion to height map in Photoshop?
Or able to recommend another software?

I cannot run Bryce3D any longer (only compatible up to OSX 10.6)

Example from Bryce: