Interface Color

Hello, I just opened Cheetah3D on another computer and now the color of some text in the interface is unreadable. Can anyone advice how to change? I already got into preferences but can't find the specific text so I can change its color.

Actually Cheetah3D was working fine on my other machine - no idea why the text on this new machine is that color.

Thanks/ RandyQ


From what I know is that bug was already fixed. Which version and macOS are you using?

hi Frank,
I'm using a 2019 iMac running Catalina, Cheetah version 7.3.3. Funny, I opened Cheetah in my old machine (MBP 2014) and its OK. If its a bug then that means an upgrade should fix it. Will try that.

rgds / RandyQ


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I ran into the same problem after using Migration Assistant to move to a new machine.
I deleted the Cheetah3D app AND the Application Support folder, and re-installed. It has displayed normally ever since.