Modeling Slight Intents

Being that I've been housebound due to coronavirus–I don't think I have it and don't want it–so I've been putting more effort into working with Cheetah3D and encountered a issue that's irritating me a wee bit. I've been rendering a drawing model for the purpose of rigging it.

It's a bunch of simple shapes–that's easy enough–though the indents I've pictured are bugging me and I'm bothered enough that if I can't model them, I'll not stop till I do, complicating something that probably isn't.

Here's picture of what I've done thus far...and the irritation in question (around the upper thighs and on the waist).

Thanks in advance.


frank beckmann

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Order is essential - but it's displayed in the right way. Transform-modifier is to stretch the sphere along Y-axis a bit.
Stay safe too.



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* The top-down sequence of modifiers is intuitive (but important to consider). You get different results in specific hierarchies as a result of switching the order.

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 11.04.47.png