Key Frame Question - Request

Is there a way to delete a key frame from the entire hierarchy?
If not, is this a thing that could be added?
And or just make a " record key with entire hierarchy" hot key so I do not have to use the toggle?

I try not to use the key hierarchy function because there is too much potential to forget it is on and end up keying 100+ bones on a character rig. Sometimes I have to use it though. It never fails, I forget it is on while I have auto key on and end up keying a bunch of bones just trying to tweak a hip movement. Sometimes I have done this across multiple frames. This either leads to manually deleting the key from each bone individually or just abandoning my work and starting from a previous save.
I have done that on a few occasions, then used the keyframes from the old take as poses and re-keyed to the new take. That is still not ideal. That is a lot of extra work just because you forgot the key hierarchy function was toggled.

Another cool feature would be having the ability to move an entire hierarchy keyframe in the timeline. Having the ability to delete a hierarchy keyframe would kind of do this as you could keyframe the pose somewhere else in the timeline then delete the original key. It would just be nice to be able to just drag it around on the timeline like you can a single joint though.

These are just quality of life tweaks that could really help with complicated animations. For now I am just trying to be diligent about the toggle, key then toggle again during my workflow.