Trouble with joints


I'm having some trouble utilizing joints in my 3d model.

After assigning my bones and joints to the appropriate positions on my model and binding it to the mesh's skeleton, I try to move my bones around and certain bones will affect random parts of my model and disfigure it.

Is there a reason for this?

Could it be the way in which I merged my objects into one mesh?

Thank you.
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frank beckmann

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Could be anything. There are 2 binding methods and the default "heat-binding" requires joints inside the mesh. And for some obvious reason there is a weight-painting tool which allows you to unpaint certain areas to be influenced by certain joints or to add areas. Feel free to to upload your compressed file for further inspection or post a screenshot at least to show the issue you have. File would be more helpful of course. ;)



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* With human / humanoid skeletons a T-pose (legs slightly apart, arms horizontally extended) is easiest to work with as all joints are accessible. Clicking the bind pose in the skeleton tag will reset body and skeleton to the original set up, the bind pose.
* Check this in front / side / top view to verify that joints are positioned inside the mesh.
* As says Frank, there could be other reasons which require a .jas document to analyse.