Arm Rig Headache

Both, pull or rotate a bone. If you rotate a bone its tip joint rotates as well.
If I do that while setting up, how do I zero out the rotations then?

Also, yes, the tip bones are out of whack on the hand set up. They don;t orient when I use Orient Joint, so I guess that has to be done manually.
#24 it now. I was just picking it in the objects panel rather than selecting the tip.

Well, thanks all for taking the time today! I appreciate it!

OK. Now I know what you mean. Visuals usually work best for me!

Thanks again.

BTW You can use the Reset Axis script to zero out bones if you rotate them after they've been set before you set up controllers. Not sure if that came with Cheetah or not. Can't remember where I got it.