Quite Challenging

Ok guys, this forum has helped me tremendously many times and here I am once again.
I've attached two images of the same cap. Can anyone give me the best way to model something like this?

I usually do labels and bags but this is something totally new to me and I don't know where to start on this one.

Thank you in advance for all the input!!
Much appreciated!




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* get a cylinder
* deploy the shear modifier for the angled top
* create a tubular element of suitable size
* use the ring modifier to generate 5 instances thereof
* fiddle location & rotation to combine the 2 elements
* apply subdivs to both

:mad: There is a fair bit of additional finetuning required for smooth bevels between the base and the tubules plus other stuff. In any case, the basic geometry is there.
* In the attached sample, I have used only non-edited primitive objects out of the menu. Tweak relevant parameters to fit to your model.

Gadget 1.png



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* Addendum:
* I generated 3 cheap bevels with an edge select and a normal move.
* You need to collapse the elements base plus tubules (ie make editable) and merge. Also, set the above edges as creases for controlling the subdivs.
:mad: The image clearly shows that that I missed the tilt of the tubules by a degree or two. Sorry, this was just a Q&D experiment.

Gadget 2.png
Nice challenge.
Quickest way to incline the top:
- select top polygons, rotate by 1°
- scale up (opposite of flattening)

image.jpg screenshot.jpg

Now what is this thing actually meant for ??
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