Problematic Object Black edges


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I ran into problems of the Edges of my objects showing Black before with procedural matts.
Frank helped me solve that problem by increasing the Transparency depth of the Ray depth.
Now I'm running into the same problem while using Image matts.

Could someone please help me solve this problem?




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Set the background color of the camera to 100% transparent. I replaced the image with a simple Voronoi texture. Is this closer to what you're after?

pink heart.jpg


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I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. It took me all day to check things out and put this together.

:DThank you so very much for replying to my query!

Is this closer to what you're after?
If it's not asking too much I would really appreciate it if you would attach your jas file.

There are so many variations and I've tried to create a few different styles.
Your example is very close to what I originally wanted (see: mineral miners photo).
Since I found lighter colored rose quartz I tend to favor a little less deep colored quartz like in the attached photo:
Charms of Light

I like the larger bit of the frothy white type Matt at the top with a few small of the frothy white (not too many)
scattered here or there - just like you have it.
I would like more sharp shattered or semi rounded geometry with few rounded bumps rather than many rounded bumps.

In one of my attempts I tried creating something like See: (best crystals) photo.

I greatly appreciate all your advise and suggestions along with a link to your tut showing how
to make a seamless texture! I glanced over your tut. It's excellent!
Thanks for all the pictures and detailed instructions showing how to make the seamless texture.

Thank you for taking so much time to help me! It is more than I could have hoped for.

I've spent the day trying various combinations of your suggestions and looking for better examples to show:

I gave up trying to make the render in Falcon and switched to the Cheetah renderer.
That seems to take care of the problem of the black outline.

I started trying to make the attached file (RS QZ forum 2) a strictly procedural Matt.
I turned the Displacement Modifier and replaced the image node with the Voronoi node (as you did).
I didn't try to make any value changes to the Voronoi node.
Now I don't have any images to deal with.
I don't like how the whitish material circles the hart in my file. I would like it like yours.

Oh - I recently noticed I tried UV mapping the heart in of my first attempt of image matt. I forgot I had moved edges in an attempt to move more of the white to one area. Now the same UV map keeps reappearing even when I use a different geometrical heart.

How do I get rid of the seams of the UV map altogether? The most I can do is remap it with just one seam.
Should I keep one seam as I have it in the new heart object I've attached? (See; Disc Heart forum)
I haven't had a chance to try the new heart object yet.

Thanks Again


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I had to recreate the file, as I hadn't saved my changes. I removed the two HDRIs and just put in the default HDRI (because I didn't have the bitmap for either of your HDRIs) and I made the background color transparent.

The important change is I replaced the image node in the material with a default Vornoi node. Almost any procedural noise would work better than the bitmap.

As for UV seams — because you're dealing with a (distorted) sphere, there's no good way to map UVs onto it, no matter how well the texture tiles, hence my suggestion you use procedural textures.


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Thanks so much Pod!
Your tips have helped me greatly.
I'll use them, examine your altered file to learn more and play around with it some more.


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Well things didn't work the way I had hoped.:sick:

I'm sorry to have waisted your time Pod.:cry:
I do appreciate you trying to help me though.

I thought I could figure out how to take some information from your file and
combine it with some of my ideas to come up with the affect I desired.

Spent some more time trying to understand the material node mysteries.
Found some tuts for other 3d apps in hopes I could apply them to cheetah 3d.
Learned some good tips but haven't accomplished what I want yet.

Will keep trying.

If anyone accidentally comes across information that they can use themselves and
that I could use - would you please post it?