Cheetah 7.3


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Cheetah 7.3

I'm a little confused:

Where does one download Cheetah 7.3?
I know where to download Cheetah 7.3 beta 5
but I don't see where one can download the finished Cheetah 7.3


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I'm a little confused now also. Has Cheetah v7.3 been officially finalized and is no longer in beta? I do not see any notice of this?
Wonderful! Congrats Martin. Thanks for all you hard work on an amazing product.

FYI the latest version of Microsoft office 365 for Mac now has feature parity with the Windows version regarding 3d and can embed 3d objects - glTF files work particularly well. No animation within the objects are supported yet (in either platform) but you can do really nice smooth animations between object states (rotation, position) via slide morph transitions.

EDIT: Actually, the latest version of PowerPoint on PC does support internal animations within the glb file - but only if those animations were created with rigging. So skined animations work but node animation do not.
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Yes, v7.3 is out. I'm Sorry, I totally forgot to mention it in the forum. The last weeks were pretty stressful for me.:redface:

And the next problem is already on my table. Updating the forum software.:frown: