Keyframe selection bug

Keyframe selection bug

I noticed a bug in Cheetah3D 7.3b4 that still remains in the full release of Cheetah3D 7.3.

Sometimes keyframes remain selected when dragging others, like it would when shift-clicking. Some keyframes also stay red when not selected.

I'm using 10.13.6 and not Mojave, which considering the new UI update, could be relevant.

I'm providing a video of the bug.



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* I noted this bug some time ago and wanted to report it.
* Strangely, it did not seem to be consistent and intermittently disappeared.
* In the end I could not exclude some subtle user error in my selection of specific frames for dragging and did not post to the forum.
:confused: From dim memory, I seem to recall that switching from F-curves to F-keys was a useful trick. I had never used the F-keys panel before as I saw no use in my work flow.

frank beckmann

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As I said it comes with v7.3beta3 a month ago and is pretty easy to check by just open the AlienWalk scene file - select the "Pelvis" joint and try to select/deselect any keyframe from the time-line. Dragging works for the last selected ones - but you can´t deselect - just highlight more keyframes.



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* Same here, and apologies as well.
* I habitually work with the sparsest possible parameters in animations, deleting redundant Xs, Ys or Zs keys wherever possible. I simply did not encounter this bug, excepting one model when I became unsure of the reasons.
* In the "alien walk" demo it is, of course, obvious, as ∑ parameters are encoded, a few used, but most are dead flat splines.

:smile: Thank you for C3D V 7.3.