Some wish list items for a future update

Some wish list items for a future update

These are my ideas from a game development hard surface modeling. I don't use rendering or animation. I'm sure many are not easy and if implemented might be version 8 instead of 7

  • - Magic Mouse support (rotation and pan options). Could use middle and right buttons instead of the right button commands
  • - Bridge in edge mode, I can never get this one to work. Example select 3 edges and 3 opposing edges and be able to bridge them easily
  • - Double clicking in edge mode selects a edge loop
  • - Click one poly, then hold shift and click the next poly loop selects those polys
  • - Click one poly, hold shift and click "x" polys over selects everything in between
  • - Click one poly, command shift next poly just adds the new one, no loop
  • - A quick layer isolation button instead of having to group or highlight all layers you want to hide or unhide
  • - Customizable toolbar for your favorite commands
  • - A make round option in edge mode. Select a square or oval loop of different length edges and it makes them equal length and circular (bet this one would be difficult to program)

  • - highlight polys, have a infinite plane you can rotate around and once your satisfied with "preview", it slices the selected polygons where the infinite plane intersected

UV Mapping
  • - ability to copy and or switch UV1 to UV2
  • - relax uv's after unwrapping with adjustment or iterations to allow you to bring the uv back to the aspect ratio of the polygon

Sub Division
  • - Separate sub division by smoothing groups. Hard edges between different smoothing groups to eliminate the need to ring cut to keep sharp corners