The Scourge of Pill Addiction

The Scourge of Pill Addiction

It all started with a simple fractal mat. The capsule form seemed like a good idea.

While working on it, I was inspired to do a second one. Another capsule.

Then a third . . . .

Pure C3D: Falcon 7.3b3, oldtown HDR. No Image nodes or post-processing.



Pure beauty from creativity unleashed.

Also this shows what can be done with Cheetah3D as it is without need for better hardware or software rendering specs.
The Scourge of Pill Addiction

Not only an addiction, it's infectious (maybe virulent)!
I caught myself coming back to this thread, always with a smile at those funny things displayed, until the first idea came up, and then a second...

Image4.jpg image3.jpg
image2.jpg image1.jpg

This is very similar to the decorated pig thread, but more versatile because not limited to materials.


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* Great example of collective creative brainstorming. Highly enjoyable for those of us who use C3D as a mental fitness centre!
* :smile: :tongue: :rolleyes:


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I bet parents would love for their children's medication to come in this form.
It might not be such a struggle to get their children to take their medicine when necessary.:tongue:

All kidding aside: All the samples of this post are pretty cool! 8)

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