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Sort ascending / descending

* Out of idle interest:
* I have set my thread display mode to "newest first", ie postings are sorted in reverse order so the last / latest is always at the top.
* As a daily (generally) visitor to the forum I roughly know what the progress in any recent thread has been and would consider it a useless waste of time to scroll to the bottom to find the last comment.
* Strangely, even some power-users refer to "above" or similar, indicating that they sort mails in descending order by date & time.

* What (if anything) is the benefit of a normal ascending sort in questions? I am, of course, perfectly aware that newbies will want to start out with the normal sort (which I assume to be the default, anyway).
Habit. In some cases probable laziness, too.

In my case it's just that i use other forums, where I can't sort and especially that I look into this without logging in from other gadgets (so no sort).

Actually the descending sort is only useful if you really look often into a forum, otherwise I really do prefer the ascending sort to read what's going on in the 'natural' way.

By the way, because of your question probably some users changed their sorting :smile: