Target tag trouble

Target tag trouble

Hi Guys,

I've been experimenting with the Target tag and if I'm correct, the object with the tag points with the back of its blue coordinate arrow (its negative z-axis) to the target...
If I adjust the offset, I get weird results...

I added a test: the left cube1 is normal behaviour, the right cube2 has an adjusted offset, since I want to make the red side point to the target ball.
when the target ball is moved, the behaviour is entirely different...

Im pretty sure this behaviour is logical and I'm missing something simple...
Can somebody put me on the right track?

Any help is wildly appreciated!

also: Adjusting the coordinates of the object (and burning them) doesn't seem to help... I was planning to use the target on bones; no luck there, after a bone orient I was even less succesful and everything gets wonky...

Kindest regards,


Thank you very much Frank!

But, what if I want the Base of the pyramid point to the ball?

In fact this was a test to figure out how the target works.
I actually wanted to use it on bones...

I'm probably over-complicating things (again :tongue:), but i was trying to make a rig for an arm, where I want one bone point to another... (see example, arm is controlled by only two controls: the hand target spline and the pole, without the arm twisting at the shoulder...)

I succeeded in this case, but if things are oriented differently, I'm in trouble...

I'll try to make better examples...

Many thanks!