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Thanks Terry. I was wondering if you had found a new low polygon way of making hair. At times I wish there was a way to just make a low poly line.
Here's my version low poly. This is a plane with modifiers Shell,taper,and bend. 46 polys. Plane some divisions for the bend lowest width any length, shell the lowest also
Planewith shell Taper Bend.jpg


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Um . . . a porcupine, Bob. That's loads. Then I would create a single low poly hair.
Sorry Terry, I stand corrected! I'm not sure how I didn't pick up on that either but my wife does call me daft sometimes. Makes sense now and that will teach me to butt in. :oops:
What amazes me is that you seem to do all this without rigging… I'd love to see you add simple rigs to these models and animate or pose them in a wider variety of ways.

I particularly like the shark and the rat (except for his hands which look too human and not cartoony enough).